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RCH Designs Announces the Launch of Monroe Brakes New Website,

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Monroe Brakes Home Page

Monroe Brakes Home Page

“We’re excited to redefine the online experience in the friction category,” said Carri Irby, brand manager, Monroe Brakes, Tenneco. “RCH Designs helped u streamline into a valuable, powerful resource for our trade partners and a very helpful resource for consumers. It’s easy to find exactly what you need!”

“Last year we welcomed the opportunity to create a new website for Monroe Shocks & Struts ( – a division of Tenneco, Inc.  Recently we were asked to take that same approach and restyle (create) a similar site for Monroe Brakes, a division of Monroe.  We were thrilled to be working with Carri Irby and her entire team on another project,” stated Ryan Hagel, owner RCH Designs.

Monroe Brakes Product Page

Monroe Brakes Product Page

“It takes a collaborative effort to redesign and catalog a product line such as Monroe Brakes, continued Hagel. In addition to product inventory and part numbers the database we built for the site incorporates two additional languages; allowing you to switch, with the click of a mouse, to a full Spanish version and French version of the website. Something very important to Monroe as their business is global, and something that we will incorporate into the other brands within Tenneco and their sites that RCH Designs currently updates and maintains.”

Monroe Brakes Home Page - Spanish Version

Monroe Brakes Home Page - Spanish Version

In addition to the two websites for Monroe ( &, RCH Designs has also built sites for “performance” divisions within Tenneco, Rancho Suspension ( and DynoMax Performance Exhaust (

“Working with Tenneco, Inc. and their companies is truly an honor for all of us at RCH Designs, said Hagel.  Being associated with such a well respected global corporation for almost 7 years now, reflects the hard work our team puts into what we do, something I am very proud of and we will always strive for at RCH Designs.”

RCH Designs, LLC announced today the launch of Rusty’s Off-Road Products new/custom website

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

For Immediate release

March 6, 2012

“We are very excited for the launch of Rusty’s new website, said Ryan Hagel, owner RCH Designs.  We have really enjoyed working with Rusty, his family and his staff to develop the website and capture the abundance of products that Rusty’s has to offer the off-road market.   What initially started as, just another website build, has turned into a great relationship/partnership and learning experience for all of us.  From product photo-shoots, part/product numbers & descriptions to shipping and payment methods, what ever you need Rusty’s has it.”

Home Page

Home Page

“This was a true team effort between RCH Designs and everyone here at Rusty’s, said Rusty Megois, owner of Rusty’s Off-Road Products.  We are all very proud and excited with the finished product – well, nothing is every really finished when it comes to the automotive / manufacturing industry and websites for that matter.  There are always more parts to be made and updates/enhancements to upload.  We are glad to be partnered with the team at RCH Designs as we embrace the future of our evolving product offerings and the off-road industry.”

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Rusty’s Off-Road Products as we implement site enhancements, develop new ad creation and generate future marketing/advertising opportunities.

Product Detail Page

Product Detail Page

About Rusty’s Off-Road Products:

Based in Rainbow City, Alabama, Rusty’s Off-Road Products designs and manufactures a wide variety of off-road components for all types of Jeep vehicles. From mild daily drivers to wild one-off custom built vehicles, Rusty’s offers TRAIL TESTED TOUGH suspension kits, performance accessories, bumpers, builder parts and more to fit every need. For more information on the wide range of Rusty’s Off-Road products, visit  All of Rusty’s products are proudly Made in the USA.

About RCH Designs:

RCH Designs, located in a 6,000 sq foot facility in Huntington Beach, CA, is a full service photography/video studio, marketing specialist, concept development, consulting, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please visit

RCH Designs is proud to announce the launch of their latest custom web site for PSC Motorsports.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Tom and Jeff Allen, of PSC Motorsports, approached RCH Designs with a concept they wanted turned into Internet reality.  “Build us a site that has a modern look and feel, the capacity to allow us, PSC, to internally add parts & accessories as needed along with a press/news section.  We want the functionality of a brand informational site and more importantly the ability for our customer base (retail and wholesale) to easily order online.”

“As all newly launched sites should be, a “work in progress”, nothing describes that better than what we are doing with,” stated Ryan Hagel, CEO of RCH Designs, LLC. “When I meet with Tom and Jeff to discuss their site scope, their vision of where PSC Motorsports was going to be in 6-8 months upon launching this new site was right on target. For those of you that thought PSC was just in the off road marketplace, hold onto your hats and skirts”.

“PSC Motorsports has been involved in circle track racing and building misc steering components for their customer base since I started the company,” stated Tom Allen, Owner and CEO of PSC Motorsports.  “Due to my personal passion in the off road market niche, most people only know of us in that particular arena.  Our new product offering in the muscle car, hot rod, O.E replacement, and custom applications for anything on 4 wheels are really not new to us, just new in the fact that we are announcing them to the public for the first time with part numbers and on shelf inventory readily available.”

Home Page

Home Page

The site currently has over 3000+ SKUs available to order online today, and another 3000+ in the works in the coming months.  All of which are accessible in multiple search combinations (Browse by Vehicle, Motorsport Specific, Vehicle Specific, Engine Specific, and Featured Products).

There are still pages to be built and products to be added to make this exactly as Tom and Jeff envisioned.  Take a moment to thoroughly browse the site, you will see that this is a perfect mix of brand content along with the latest technology in the shopping cart sector that is easy and efficient (least clicks possible) from start to finish,” said Hagel.

“Both teams at RCH Designs and PSC Motorsports worked together to make this the best site possible, and we are proud of the outcome.  We know this new site will open the eyes to those in other markets (hot rod, muscle car, etc) that we are not well known in, as well as help us launch new product lines such as our PSC XR components,” stated Jeff Allen, President of PSC Motorsports.  “Stayed tuned as our press releases on these product lines will start steering their way into the media limelight.”

About PSC Motorsports
PSC Motorsports, is your one stop shop for your On and Off-road steering needs. They have everything from stock replacement parts for your daily driver to high performance steering for your hardcore rock crawler or offroad racer.  For more information on PSC Motorsports please visit

About RCH Designs
RCH Designs, located in a 6,000 sq foot facility in Huntington Beach, CA, is a full service photography/video studio, marketing specialist, concept development, consulting, PR, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please visit

RCH Designs Expands Relationship with MasterCraft Safety

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
RCH Designs, LLC announced today it will handle all aspects of advertising (ad creation, ad insertion and media buy), marketing materials and web design for Impact by MasterCraft Safety, MasterCraft Safety and MasterCraft Defense.

Impact! Racing (now Impact by MasterCraft Safety) was acquired by MasterCraft Safety as of December 1, 2010.  Impact’s deep roots in “everything motorsports” related to safety products was a perfect match in the making for MasterCraft Safety.

“Robbie Pierce and his entire team have done an incredible job building MasterCraft Safety and MasterCraft Defense.  We are honored that they have chosen RCH Designs to continue to help market these marquee brands as well as their new acquisition of Impact by MasterCraft Safety.  Knowing the time and effort that has been put into both MasterCraft and Impact to get them where they are today is a testament to the quality of their products.  At RCH Designs we take pride in our attention to detail, which we believe has helped make our relationship with MasterCraft Inc. grow to where it is today,” commented Ryan Hagel, owner RCH Designs.

“The road our team at RCH Designs has traveled with MasterCraft Safety and MasterCraft Defense has been a strap in, (to your MasterCraft Seat and restraints of course) and hold on for a fun filled, fast pace, never a dull moment thrill ride, said Hagel.  If you want to see what a company looks like that is truly “ON THE GAS”, keep an eye out for what happens in 2011 with the MasterCraft Safety / Impact by MasterCraft Safety crew.”

About MasterCraft Safety:
Based in Santee, California, MasterCraft Safety is the leading manufacturer of driving suits, window nets, and innovative safety seating and restraint systems custom tailored to endure the most extreme environmental conditions and off-road terrain. In addition to four decades of real world testing in the most extreme racing conditions, independent tests by nationally recognized laboratories indicate the MasterCraft Safety suspension seat directly resulted in an 84% reduction of energy in a 55 “G” load event. Whether the Impact! Racing or MasterCraft Safety products are on a top fuel dragster, a SCORE Trophy Truck or a blast-attenuating seat for a military MRAP, the common theme is both companies are the first choice in environments where safety can mean the difference between life and death.For more information on all of MasterCraft Safety product offerings please visit

About MasterCraft Safety:
Based in the heart of “Gasoline Alley” in Brownsburg, Indiana, Impact was founded in 2002 by pioneering safety guru, Bill Simpson.  With over 50 years of motorsports safety experience and heritage, the Impact product line includes world-class helmets, restraints, drag chutes and a full-line of fire protection apparel for all forms of competition.  Whether it is an open wheel IndyCar, nitro-burning dragster, or a dirt late model, Impact by MasterCraft Safety has the ideal products for every driver and every race vehicle.

About RCH Desings:
RCH Designs, located in a 6,000 sq foot facility in Huntington Beach, CA, is a full service photography/video studio, marketing specialist, concept development, consulting, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please visit

Off Road Evolution announces RCH Designs as coordinator for the 2nd annual JK Experience

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

May 15, 2010

Mel Wade, CEO of Off Road Evolution and founder of the JK Experience stated, “Last years JK Experience was awesome and a huge success. I wanted to take it up a notch for this years 2nd Annual JK Experience so I added a third party to manage and coordinate the event.   I partnered with an industry friend and customer of Off Road Evolution, Ryan Hagel, CEO of RCH Designs. RCH Designs has a proven track record in the industry for managing and coordinating trail run events.  I know this years JK Experience will benefit from RCH Designs attention to detail and passion for the industry.”

“RCH Designs is excited to be a part of Off Road Evolution’s JK Experience, said Ryan Hagel.  Anyone that knows Mel understands that it is difficult to take time away from his thriving shop as well as EVO Manufacturing.  We look forward to assisting Off Road Evolution in the coordination of this event so they can focus on what they need to, their business at hand.”

Stay tuned for additional information on Off Road Evolution’s 2nd Annual JK Experience.

Off Road Evolution, located in Fullerton, CA, is a full service custom 4X4 fabrication and installation shop specializing in Jeeps.  For more information about Off Road Evolution, please visit

RCH Designs, located in a 6,000 sq foot facility in Huntington Beach, CA, is a full service photography/video studio, marketing specialist, concept development, consulting, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please visit