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RCH Designs creates “real life” ad campaign for MasterCraft Safety

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Huntington Beach, Calif. – July 8, 2010CSteele Ad

RCH Designs announces the creation and launch of MasterCraft Safety’s “real life” ad campaign. MasterCraft Safety is the leading manufacturer of performance off-road suspension seating and other vehicle safety equipment.

This “real life” ad campaign focuses on real life situations where the MasterCraft Safety products have been put to the test and prove that MasterCraft really does provide safety in motion.

“Giving a real life perspective to a product adds a whole new element to it’s value as well as that of the company that produces the product, said Ryan Hagel, owner of RCH Designs, we enjoyed creating the layout and design of these “real life” ads, which allows the reader to embrace MasterCraft products from a whole new point of view.”

SGeiser Ad“We welcome the opportunity to call out some of our work products that demonstrate the creative & design capabilities of RCH Designs which are sometimes overshadowed by the website and photography side of the business,” stated Hagel.

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